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Long time ago, there was a farmer couple. Unfortenately, they hadn’t had any children yet.

They prayed to God for a child One day a giant passed their home. He heard what they were praying. Then giant gave them a cucumber seed.

Then the couple planted the cucumber sees. Each day they took care of the growing plant so carefully. Month later, a golden cucumber grew from the plant. the cucumber was getting heavier and bigger each day. When it was ripe, they picked it. Carefully they cut of the cucumber and how surprised were they when found a beuatiful baby inside. They were so happy. They named the baby Timun Mas.

Many years after, Timun Mas had grown into a beautiful girl. Her parents were very happy. But their happiness turned to fear when her 17th birthday came. The giant was going to take Timun Mas away.

The father was giving a small bag to Timun Mas, equipped with magic stuff, salt, chilty, cucumber seed, shrimp paste as weapon. Her father told her that it could help her from the giant. He ordered Timun Mas to run away.

The giant was chasing Timun Mas and he was getting closer and closer. Timun Mas then took a hardful of salt from her small bag. She spread out the salt behind her. Suddenly a wide sea appeared between them.

Timun Mas was still running, the giant almost caught her. Then she took some chilly and threw them to the giant. The chilly suddenly grew into some trees and trapped the giant. Timun Mas could escape again.

Unfotunately the giant almost caught Timun Mas. So she took me the third magic stuff, the cucumber seeds. She trow the seeds and suddenly they became a wide cucumber field. The giant ate those fresh cucumber. He ate so much that he felt sleepy and fell asleep soon.

Timun Mas kept on running as fast as she could. But the giant had woken up Timun Mas so scared. Then she threw her last weapon, shrimp paste. It became a big swamp. The giant fell into it but his hands almost reached Timun Mas. But at last he was drowned.

Timun Mas was safe now. Then she returned to her parents house her parents were very happy.



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